The following national organizations work to advocate against forced psychiatric treatment.

The following state and local organizations work to promote autonomy and choice in mental health treatment.


You can find personal accounts of psychiatric oppression at the following websites:

Alternatives to Forced Treatment

The following is a list of voluntary, non-coercive, trauma-informed alternatives to forced treatment, including:

  • Intentional Peer Support – support for people in distress through mutually supportive relationships and communities
  • Hearing Voices Network – an organization that offers information, support, and understanding to people who hear voices and provides an opportunity to talk freely about these experiences
  • Peer respites – centers for people in crisis staffed and operated by people with lived experience in mental health

Solutions to Homelessness and Incarceration

  • SHARE!’s solution to homelessness in Los Angeles, which is 100% voluntary and non-coercive, and does not require medication compliance or any other form of treatment
  • Click here to read the American Civil Liberties Union’s position statement on the criminalization of individuals with mental health disabilities. The ACLU emphasizes that forced treatment and psychiatric institutions are not the solution to this issue and stresses the importance of choice and autonomy in reducing recidivism.